What is HIV Tips

HV TIPs is a website from MEDFASH for GPs and practice nurses. It aims to help them increase the rate of HIV testing in general practice and thus reduce avoidable illness and deaths that still occur because of late diagnosis

We give evidence that demonstrates the huge health benefits of diagnosing HIV infection early. We also provide resources, references and links to other useful sites. We aim to help you identify and reflect on the obstacles (challenges) to HIV testing that may exist in your practice; and lead your team to overcome them.

How to use the site:

•    You can systematically work through the contents section on the left, which can be considered as chapters in a book.

•    You can explore the site by looking for quotes about challenges that may be faced by those trying to increase HIV testing in their practice.  Select those you find interesting: each recommends relevant sections to read.

•    The HIV testing audit aims to help you assess and monitor how your practice is doing. If you wish, you could start with an audit, and then engage with the rest of the contents once you have a better understanding as to how your practice is doing in comparison with others.. You could repeat the audit in 6 months to see if you have increased HIV testing in your practice.

Throughout the site there are resources for you to use to engage your team – for example a clinical quiz and also an activity for your whole practice team.


MEDFASH would like to thank everyone involved in developing the TIPs webtool.

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