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Tackling HIV Testing resource pack

Tackling HIV Testing resource pack

Increasing detection and diagnosis

The Tackling HIV Testing: increasing detection and diagnosis resource pack was released in October 2009. 

It is a comprehensive teaching pack for HIVGUM/ID clinicians or other ‘HIV champions’ who are engaged in educating non-HIV specialist colleagues about the need to increase testing rates.  The pack supports implementation of the UK national guidelines for HIV testing 2008 across a range of inpatient and outpatient settings.

Contents include:

  • template documents to assist in the development of a hospital-wide policy on HIV testing such as a protocol for HIV testing in adults, patient information and other useful resources for staff and patients
  • slide sets for use in grand rounds and educational meetings
  • HIV for non-HIV specialists: diagnosing the undiagnosed, the popular MEDFASH booklet for healthcare professionals in secondary care, which includes the UK national guidelines for HIV testing 2008

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MEDFASH closure

MEDFASH closed in December 2016. This website is not being updated. 

For details of where our current publications and resources have transferred to, click here

Resource pack

Why is it important to increase detection and diagnosis of HIV?

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