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MEDFASH eBulletin

MEDFASH eBulletin

The MEDFASH Sexual Health & HIV Policy eBulletin provides a national overview of the key developments in public health, the NHS and local government relevant to the commissioning and provision of sexual health and HIV services at a local level.

Each issue has a regular eFeature, which covers the change agenda and assesses the impact on sexual health. It also has a round-up of policy news, relevant evidence updates and available tools and resources across the field of sexual and reproductive health and HIV.

In June 2015 we conducted a survey among our readers and asked for feedback on the usefulness of the eBulletin and for ideas on how we can ensure it continues to be relevant to your work.

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Sexual Health & HIV Policy EUROBulletin

MEDFASH also produces a quarterly pan-European bulletin, providing a round-up of policy news and developments across Europe as well as a guest commentary eFeature on issues of relevance and interest to the wider European community.  You can see the most current issue here and can sign up to receive it on a regular basis by clicking the link below.

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Current eBulletin

The eBulletin is a free subscription based service, launched in Nov 2012. Sign up to receive regular updates.

Click here to see the current edition. Or see eBulletin archive for previous editions.