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Tackling HIV Testing resource pack: Introduction

Around 100,000 people in the UK are now living with HIV and the number increases each year.

While those diagnosed early can receive life-saving treatment, late diagnosis is the factor most commonly associated with HIV-related death.

Non-HIV specialist clinicians have a vital role to play in improving rates of diagnosis earlier in the course of infection. Over a quarter of those infected with HIV are still undiagnosed. The UK national guidelines for HIV testing 2008 call for increased routine HIV testing in medical settings other than GUM and Infectious Diseases.

This resource pack was produced by MEDFASH, with funding from the Department of Health, to support HIV specialists in helping their secondary care colleagues in other specialties to offer HIV testing more routinely in their daily practice.

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Permission to use the pack materials

The templates and slide sets in this pack are copyright MEDFASH 2009 but may be freely reproduced for the purpose of ensuring quality of care.