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HIV TIPs has moved!

HIV TIPs (HIV Testing in Practice) is no longer available on this website, as MEDFASH has closed. It has been taken over by the Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare and you will be able to access it here

HIV TIPs is a web tool for GPs and practice nurses to help them increase HIV testing and reduce avoidable illness and deaths that still occur because of late diagnosis.

If you are a GP or practice nurse who wishes to:

- find out more about the importance of HIV testing in general practice
- improve your own ability to diagnose HIV
- improve your team's ability to diagnose HIV

HIV TIPs will help you to:

- assess your own learning needs
- update yourself on HIV testing
- assess your team’s learning needs
- change practice in your team.

Go to HIV TIPs

MEDFASH closure

MEDFASH closed in December 2016. This website is not being updated. 

For details of where our current publications and resources have transferred to, click here