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Sexual Health & HIV Policy eBulletin: Highlights from the 2015 reader survey

MEDFASH conducted its most recent on-line survey of regular eBulletin readers in June 2015. The main aim of the survey was to obtain feedback on the eBulletin to ensure it continues to be as relevant as possible to those working in sexual health and HIV and to look at ways in which it could be further improved. The survey also asked respondents some specific questions about the commissioning and provision of sexual health and HIV services in their local area.

245 readers completed the survey (or parts of it), a response rate of 9.4% based on the current eBulletin database (2,617).

 Highlights from the 2015 eBulletin survey

MEDFASH closure

MEDFASH closed in December 2016. This website is not being updated. 

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