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Tackling HIV Testing resource pack: contents


by Dr Mary Armitage, Immediate Past Clinical Vice-President of the Royal College of Physicians and Chair of the MEDFASH Tackling HIV Testing Project Advisory Group

1. Why tackle HIV testing?
2. What is this resource pack?
3. Who is this resource pack for?
4. How to use this resource pack
5. Notes on the template documents
6. Notes on the slide sets
7. Pack evaluation form
8. Sources of useful information
9. Tackling undiagnosed HIV infection, Chief Medical Officer letter to the Presidents of medical Royal Colleges and Faculties, 21 September 2009
10. Project Advisory Group members

Booklet 'HIV for non-HIV specialists: Diagnosing the undiagnosed' 2015 (Second edition) - containing the BASHH/BHIVA/BIS UK national guidelines for HIV testing

Template documents for use in secondary healthcare settings
These are for use within hospital trusts and can be made available via the trust intranet. They can be used as they are, or adapted to suit the particular needs of a hospital department.

Presentation slide sets
Each slide set comprises about 20 slides designed for use by physicians, probably from HIV, Genitourinary Medicine or Infectious Diseases, who provide training to colleagues in other departments. They can be used as the basis of presentations to grand rounds, specialty rounds and similar educational meetings and can be combined and adapted to fit the context, time available and presenter's message if required.

MEDFASH closure

MEDFASH closed in December 2016. This website is not being updated. 

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