Influencing policy

Influencing policy

MEDFASH draws on the learning from its projects and involvement with a wide range of stakeholders to influence policy at national and local level.

We participate in campaigns, respond to consultations and produce briefings often in partnership with other sexual health and HIV organisations.

HPV action: It's time to vaccinate boys against HPV infection

HPV Action is a collaborative partnership of patient and professional organisations that advocates HPV vaccination for both boys and girls. HPV Action’s membership has grown from 2 to 33 in little over a year reflecting the fast-growing and now widespread support for gender-neutral vaccination.  

UK parliamentarians have released a statement supporting this campaign.

See the parliamentarians statement (September 2014)
See the press release

Sex and Relationships Education

MEDFASH is a member of the Sex Education Forum (SEF) and was a signatory on a letter, coordinated by the SEF, signed by 69 experts and published in The Daily Telegraph on 4 September 2013 calling on the government to update its SRE guidance, which is 13 years old.

BHIVA and EAGA position statement on the use of antiretroviral therapy to reduce HIV transmission: January 2013

Our Chief Executive is a member of the Expert Advisory Group on AIDS (EAGA) and co-author of a position statement developed by EAGA with the British HIV Association (BHIVA) on the evidence for HIV treatment as prevention. The statement is designed to help clinicians and health promoters translate the evidence and thus support patients to make an informed decision about starting treatment based on their individual circumstances.

Read the full statement here.

Joint briefing on sexual and reproduction health and HIV 

View our joint briefing on sexual and reproductive health and HIV for local authorities and Health and Wellbeing Boards.

Halve It campaign

Find out about our involvement in the Halve It campaign which aims to halve the rates of undiagnosed and late diagnosed HIV.

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